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Bookkeeping for small – medium business in Perth

It is our passion and we love doing bookkeeping for small to medium size businesses in Perth and the surrounding suburbs. That’s why we are the best bookkeepers in Perth.

You do not have to continue doing bookkeeping any longer if you are in Perth or a surrounding suburb. It is not really beneficial for you to do something that you do not enjoy doing.

If you are starting a business, currently doing bookkeeping by yourself or unsatisfied with your current bookkeeper, here is why you need to let us do your bookkeeping:

  • We have the
    • knowledge and update ourselves with the new laws all the time
    • experience
    • relevant licenses and registrations to perform your work
  • We take responsibility
  • We can come to your place and collect the data anytime you are free
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation is all we do and we are good at it!
  • It is cost effective in many ways
  • Our fee is TAX DEDUCTABLE
  • We make sure that you do on time lodgements
  • Will claim every single expense you are allowed to claim
  • We are very good with software like Xero, MYOB, Recon (quick books)
  • Initial consultation is FREE so you can talk to us about your concerns before engaging us to do your business bookkeeping and tax return

All you have to do now is to call us on 1300 829 365 or email to discuss

from our experience,

Many small businesses gets into trouble with the ATO for not lodging tax returns or business activity statements on time. Since they chose to do the bookkeeping by themselves but couldn’t find the time or did not enjoy doing it, they delayed, delayed and delayed until they heard from the Australian Taxation Office. But when it is time to take action, many of the receipts were lost or the information on the receipts were erased due to improper filing. In a situation like this,

  • You will have to pay
    • the accountant’s fee at once for many years
    • the amounts owing to the ATO for all the due lodgements ( Taxes & BASs)
    • heavy penalties imposed for not lodging on time
    • the interest ATO charges at a higher rate on the amounts owing to them
  • You have lost a lot of deductions and GST credits due to losing a lot of receipts

All the costs add up quickly. At Taxgate, once engaged us to do the work, we will make sure that you do your lodgements on time and will not pay a single dollar unnecessarily because we know how hard it was to earn that money.

Bookkeeping done by friends and family,

It is also important to note that letting your wife do the bookkeeping for you might not be in your best interest either. We understand that you like to save money where ever possible. We all do. But it is not a good idea to let an inexperienced person handle your business accounts. There is a saying, “it cost less to do it right the first time”. Bookkeeping is not hard but it is not as easy as many people think either. It is always a good idea to use the right people to get a job done right.  So you have a peace of mind if faced a random audit.

Please call us on 1300 829 365 to discuss further or in person as the first consultation is free for you.

Let us do what we do best so you can concentrate on what you enjoy doing or other pressing matters in your business!

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