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What you need to bring to complete an Individual Tax Return

If you can find the following documents, please bring them with you but some of the documents in the list might not apply to you. Please feel free to call if you have a question.

If unable to find a relevant document, please do not stress as we might be able to find the information for you or suggest you a way to obtain such information. Please discuss it with us at the appointment.

  • PAYG summaries ( group certificates )
  • Private Health Insurance tax statement if applicable
  • If you had a spouse / de facto during the financial year and the return was not done by us, we need to know his/her taxable income.
  • Your bank account details for the refund
  • Proof of identity ( driving license / proof of age card or an ID with a photo and the signature )
  • Total bank interest received during the financial year
  • Dividend statements
  • Income protection insurance, total premium paid
  • Tax agent ‘s fee paid for the previous year return
  • All the purchase receipts you wish to claim from the return ( tools , uniform etc )
  • Vehicle log book if applicable

We guarantee you that you will receive the biggest tax refund with us so you have nothing to worry about. Just relax and bring your good heart with you and we will do the hard part to get you the best tax return you have ever had.

* Please note that you might be able to claim some of expenses even though you have lost the receipts. Please let us know of such expenses you have incurred.

** It is not a must to bring the receipts with you to the appointment. A list of the expenses is sufficient to lodge the return. However, you will need to provide proof of purchase if the ATO asks for it. The ATO requires you to keep the receipts for the expenses claimed for 5 years.


Rental property checklist

  • Real estate agent’s annual tax summary
  • A copy of the previous tax return if possible
  • Strata fees
  • Depreciation report if available ( if you don’t have one, please discuss with us whether you need to do one )
  • Landlord insurance premium
  • Total interest paid for the year on the mortgage
  • Council rates
  • Land tax if applicable
  • Water rates
  • Pest control
  • Any receipts for expenses you incurred out of your own pocket ( not through the agent ) such as cost of gardening, repairs and maintenance etc.

Additional documents needed where there is no real estate agent appointed

  • Total rent received
  • Advertising for tenants fees

Additional documents needed where the investment property was bought in the last FY

  • Loan documents
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Legal fees incurred after the purchase of the property if applicable








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