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Overdue tax returns

Did you get a letter or a call from the ATO regarding your overdue tax returns? Or just simply do you want to bring your tax affairs upto date? Don’t panic! You have made the first and the biggest step you need to make in the process. That is, you have acknowledged that you need to lodge the returns and you are looking for the best person to get some help.

Taxgate handles a lot of late tax returns per year and it is our great pleasure to help people who are in the same situation as you are. If the ATO had contacted you already, we make it our priority to finish lodging your tax returns as soon as we possibly can. Just because we understand how frustrating it is for you to receive a letter informing you that they will penalise you if the returns are not lodged before the due date they have provided.

The next step would be to contact us to book an appointment to see one of our friendly accountants and please do not forget to mention that you have to do late tax returns. We will ask you to provide the full name, date of birth and the tax file number. If you are not willing to give it without seeing the accountant, we understand. If we have the information, we can add you to our portal and the ATO can see that you have an accountant which makes them think that you are attending to your overdue tax returns. You will be given the earliest time the accountant can see you and as mentioned, from the time you call, your case will be a priority. Please do not forget to bring all the documents that you can find, with you when you come to see the accountant. Our accountants would prefer to come to your place when doing late tax returns as when they request a document, you could just find it rather than having to go home and email, which will take longer to finish your returns. For some reason if you are uncomfortable, please feel free to come and see the accountant at our office.

We will not charge you anything extra just because we are doing an overdue return. The cost of doing late returns will be the same as a current year return and if you would like us to give you a quotation, please feel free to ask. Don’t forget that we need to know what kinds of income and expenses you had for each year before giving you the quotation as the cost will vary according to the complexity of the return.  However, our charges are very competitive and we believe in providing a quality service for a reasonable price.

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